Discussions of Signal SVR Should Consider Network Effects

Discussions of Signal's new SVR feature should consider not only the Signal app, but the Signal ecosystem as well.


Easily proxy traditional DNS requests to a DoT server ensuring no eavesdropping or MITM manipulation of DNS requests.

Open Offices Inhibit Remote Work

Why remote work and open offices are antithetical and why jokes in Slack are a good measure of a distributed team.

Reducing Standby Power with Home Assistant

Using the Presence Detection features of Home Assistant to improve my home's power efficiency.

Back to Microsoft

Using Windows again so I can use Linux effectively.


An app to write Markdown and have it published and hosted via Cloudflare Workers.

Lil Link

A shortlink system built entirely on Cloudflare workers.

Home Network Internet Failover

Using a secondary Internet source for seamless failover if my AT&T goes down.

THOTCON Malicious Devices

A recap of my talk at THOTCON on malicious IoT devices and 5G Networks.

Project Erised

System-wide ad and tracker blocking on Android

We Measure The Economy Wrong

An overview of common economic measurements and how they can be improved.

In Defense of Webauthn

Some minor nitpicking around Webauthn and how it has the ability to replace passwords.