Eldridge Alexander

Information Security engineer, writer, and trainer. Formerly employed at Duo Labs, Cloudflare and Google. Technologist, magician, designer, musician, videographer, blogger, and avid sweet tea drinker.

Proposal For Improving Social Security Numbers

In the wake of the Equifax breach, a proposal for how the US can transition to a new Federal identification system with security as a main component.

FreeIPA and Raspbian

I use FreeIPA heavily to manage my lab at home however their client wasn't available on Raspbian, so I documented the stpes it took to get it working on my Pi.

LDAP With FreeIPA and Golden Gate Proxies

I wanted to have a complete centralized authentication at home, but also wanted as secure of a way as possible to overrid that of my LDAP server were to go down. This documents my "war room" configurations.

The Myth of the Necessary Jerk

There's a prevailing myth in popular culture and the tech industry of the "Necessary Jerk" - a jerk who is so singularly gifted in their field that they're completely irreplaceable. Here I argue why that's not only incorrect, but a stance that will actively harm groups and businesses.

Golden Gate and Let's Encrypt

Utilizing Cerbot's "webroot" plugin with an nginx reverse proxy on a dedicated server or VM.

SSH Relay for ChromeOS

What it took to get an SSH bastion host working with ChromeOS clients.

Project Transmute

A script I wrote to automatically detect and convert video files to a travel optimized format.

My Perfect Browser

An examination of how I selected my preferred browser

Golden Gate SSH Config Files

The SSH config files I used to get clients using my bastion host seamlessly.

Golden Gate Nginx Config Files

The nginx files I used to get my reverse proxy working.

My RSS Feeds

A file with all of my RSS feeds listed.

Security Measures: Two-Factor

The security measures I take personally to secure online accounts.