Eldridge Alexander

Information Security engineer, writer, and trainer. Formerly employed at Duo Labs, Cloudflare and Google. Technologist, magician, designer, musician, videographer, blogger, and avid sweet tea drinker.

Dynflare: Dynamic DNS for Cloudflare

A script that continually checks your public IP address and updates your Cloudflare DNS records accordingly.

Proposal For Improving Social Security Numbers

In the wake of the Equifax breach, a proposal for how the US can transition to a new Federal identification system with security as a main component.

FreeIPA and Raspbian

I use FreeIPA heavily to manage my lab at home however their client wasn't available on Raspbian, so I documented the stpes it took to get it working on my Pi.

LDAP With FreeIPA and Golden Gate Proxies

I wanted to have a complete centralized authentication at home, but also wanted as secure of a way as possible to overrid that of my LDAP server were to go down. This documents my "war room" configurations.

The Myth of the Necessary Jerk

There's a prevailing myth in popular culture and the tech industry of the "Necessary Jerk" - a jerk who is so singularly gifted in their field that they're completely irreplaceable. Here I argue why that's not only incorrect, but a stance that will actively harm groups and businesses.

Golden Gate and Let's Encrypt

Utilizing Cerbot's "webroot" plugin with an nginx reverse proxy on a dedicated server or VM.

SSH Relay for ChromeOS

What it took to get an SSH bastion host working with ChromeOS clients.

Project Transmute

A script I wrote to automatically detect and convert video files to a travel optimized format.

My Perfect Browser

An examination of how I selected my preferred browser

Golden Gate SSH Config Files

The SSH config files I used to get clients using my bastion host seamlessly.

Golden Gate Nginx Config Files

The nginx files I used to get my reverse proxy working.

My RSS Feeds

A file with all of my RSS feeds listed.