FreeIPA and Raspbian

I've gotten used to having freeipa-client available in dnf or apt repos, so I've rarely setup clients manually. However, I did today in Raspbian on my »

The Myth of the Necessary Jerk

There's a prevailing myth in popular culture and the tech industry (and others I'm sure) of the "Necessary Jerk" - a jerk who is so singularly »

Project Transmute

I would like my videos to be ready to be moved to mobile devices when I want to travel, and things like Plex take too long »

Golden Gate SSH Config Files

In addition to my Golden Gate proxy providing security for web requests, I needed it to assist in securing SSH requests as well. SSH is already »

Golden Gate Nginx Config Files

I have a rudimenatry Golden Gate proxy up and running using nginx reverse proxies. I have included the configuration file (from /etc/nginx/sites-enabled) I used »